Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The End of the Year

The goals at the beginning of the year
For School:
- Always pay attention to the teacher.
- Get a good score on every subject.
- Can improve my English and Mandarin.
- Can improve my typing skills.
- Do the best that I can, if there are a project or a essay.
- Can improve my presentation about something.
- Can improve my listening and writing skills.

For Personal Life:
- Can make a new good friend.
- Can join the basketball team in school.
- Can improve my basketball skills.
- Can presented something to other people nicely.
- Can play sport everyday with friends.

From all the goals, I met 11 already, because some of them I didn't do it really well, so I didn't reach it. The 11 goals that I met, I can reach it because I try hard enough to met the goals, and some of them I got the helped from the other people.

From the goals I met, some of them I try it by myself , but with a little help from other people, and some of them I met it by some of the teachers, and some of them is from my friends. The helped that I got from friends is playing sport with my friends and the other help is I do the best that I can, if there are project or an essay. The helped that I got from teacher is improving my English and Mandarin, I can join the basketball team, and improve my basketball skills. The thing that I do by myself is improving my typing skills and improving my presentation on something.

For the goals that I not meet, the thing that stopped me is myself, because I didn't pay a big attention to the teacher. For example, the goals that I didn't met is my listening and writing skills, because I didn't listen really well to the teacher and for writing, because I didn't practice writing a lot. Then, for get a good score on every subject, I didn't met, because I don't really study hard on the subject that I don't understand and I didn't really ask question if I didn't understand.

The goals for next year
For school:
- Can improve my listening and writing skills.
- Can improve my English
- Always pay attention to the teacher.
- Get a good score on every subject.
- Can improve my presentation about something.

For Personal Life:
- Can make a new good friend.
- Can join the basketball team in school.
- Can improve more my basketball skills.

I leaned many things on students and a person. On the students, I learned about we need to pay attention to the teacher when teacher are explaining something, we need to do homework at home if there are homework, and need to study at school and review at home. For a person, the thing that I learned is no need to be very upset of something bad that will make me sad and don't let something that make us upset let us down on something.
I think my English is improving much, since form the first day of school, because I already study hard in English, I always read some book or words in English, I write many things like blog or story in English, and I talk with friends and teachers in English.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Final Task: Analysis

My topic from this project is basketball and the essential question is How can I learn about some successful basketball players? and How can I learn to shoot better from them? I choose the topic basketball is because on this project I think it will be fun if I choose the topic is related to sport. So, I choose basketball, because basketball is my most favorite sports from all of the other sports. Every weekend I will go to the basketball court and play by myself. I choose the essential question "How can I learn about some successful basketball players?" because I think this question will help to write the to do list. I choose the question "How can I learn to shoot better from them?" because I wanted to learn how to shoot better, I can't really shoot the ball really well.

There are 3 part of bloom's taxonomy that we already done, knowledge, comprehension, and application. On knowledge part, it was researching about the to do list that I write in the Google docs, it was researching about the most successful teams, successful coaches, and most successful players. There were a lot more researches that I do and I also included the images. On comprehension part, it was research, too, but I included the video, too. On this part, I already choose the players that I wanted to learn from. that is Kobe Bryant. At last, I done the video, the video is about I'm talking about the skills that Kobe Bryant use when he played. On application part, it was doing the skills that we wanted to do from the players that I choose, so I looked back at the comprehension part and I read and do the skills that Kobe Bryant do.

Now, I will answer my essential question that I choose. So, the answer from the question "How can I learn about some successful basketball players?" is to researches more and more skills that the basketball players do. Then read and think the skills that can be learned that we don't how to do and practice again and again like the basketball players do, they practice, practice, and practice. The answer to the question "How can I learn to shoot better from them?" is to practice shooting like every basketball players do. To shoot better the hand need to handle the ball really well, the two thumbs need to make a T alphabet, bends the both knees, don't throw too high and not too low, and don't throw too hard and not too soft.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Final project - Freak The Mighty

People opinions will not affect our feeling about ourselves in our life. It will not really affect me, because if many other people have many insults about me, I will just disregard them, but if they give good judgment about me, I will say “Thank You”. It can been seen that, on 6th grade while play basketball with my friends, I beaten by many points, first of all my friends said that he’s better than me then, he said that I will not going to be better than him, therefore I just ignore him because I think that someday I will be better than him. Another example is when I’m 6th grade, I play basketball with another friend and I’ve beaten by many points, but my friends said that just cheer up I will be better next time, and I say “Thank You, I will try harder, next time.”

Another example, it will not affect Kevin, one of the character in the novel freak the mighty, he was just disregard the people who give judgment to him, because Kevin think that his smarter than anybody else, so he just pretend that the people who give a bad judgment is just jealous about the smart that Kevin have. It can been seen that while Kevin and Max meet Tony.D, and Tony.D call Kevin Dwarf, Kevin ignore him because Kevin are smarter than him, therefore Kevin call Tony.D a cretin. However in my opinions, I think maybe if the people that give a good comments about him, Kevin will appreciate it and be very happy.

However, sometimes it will affect somebody, if the people that give insults is too much or said too far. In contrast, sometimes it will not affect the people, because the people just think that the people that give judgment is just jealous about the feelings the other people have that they don’t have. It can be seen that, if one of the people give an insult to another people like you’re so stupid or you’re so fat, the one who care about it will say like “No, I didn’t” or maybe will be sad. For the people who didn’t care, for example if someone gives insult, they just say, “Yes, but that it’s OK” or maybe just disregard them. But, I think that if the people give a good opinion to another people like “Your so kind” or “Your so smart” the people that get the opinion will appreciate it, or say “Thank You,” or maybe sometimes it will said like, “You are the smart” or “Your are the one who are kind.” Thus, base on my opinions, it will be better if don’t care about it or maybe something bad will happen if we care about it.


Chapter 15:
In Christmas night, Max, Max grandparents, Kevin, and Kevin’s mom have a dinner together. It was a happy Christmas that night, they exchange present with each other, and Max got a pyramid box from Kevin with Kevin’s dictionary book inside the pyramid box. In the middle of the night, when Max is a sleep, he feel like there was a wind and it was like someone breathing, and there are a black shadows that will walk to him. Then, suddenly Max faces is been pressed down by the giant hand, he can’t move and not even breathe.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Interview With Mrs. Raisdana

The 3 questions that I will answer is question:

Number 2, If you could re-do any part of your project so far, what would you change and why?

Number 5, Was this topic easier or harder than you expected it to be when you chose it? Explain why.

Number 6, What challenges or difficulties did you face during the Knowledge, Comprehension and Application parts of the unit? (This needs three separate answers for each part).

I wanted to choose number 2 is because the question is easier and because there are many things that I wanted to change if I can redo it. I wanted to choose number 5 is because the answer is base on our own feeling about the topic that I chose. I wanted to choose number 6 is because it was almost same as number 5, it was base on our feeling on the challenges and the difficulties in the project.

The thing that I will do to prepare for the interview with Mrs. Raisdana is, I will understand the question first so it will be more easier, then answer slowly one by one so we can improve it if there are something wrong, then check again the words and the answer, and last is to memorize the answer and try to talk clearly.

I think it will be good if I can memorize and talk clearly but it will be not good if I didn't prepare, because it was criterion A it was speaking and understand the question, so it need to understand the question really good, so without memorizing we can simply answer very clearly and if I didn't prepare maybe I will do it not really good.

Here is my interview with Mrs. Raisdana:

I already prepare for the interview before I do it, but I didn't prepare a lot. The thing that I prepare is to answer the question as specific as possible, recheck the answer and change the words, and at last I memorize the answer by memorizing the sentence. I think on this project I did well, the thing that I did well is I can memorize the answer that I write really well. But, the thing that I didn't really do well is when I'm talking when the teacher interviewing me, sometimes when I talk, the voice is low and sometimes will be stuck.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Level 3: Application

My tasks is to myself practicing my new basketball skills, what have I learned from each of the basketball players, the basketball players that I learned about, and teach other people how to do the skill that I do.

My Video:

I think I have completed me practicing a new skills, What I learned from each of them, and teach other people how to do the skill that I do. But, I didn't do the thing that I can do of the basketball player that I choose.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Next Level: Comprehension

Describe the skill that the best basketball player have.

Kobe Bryant:
Shooting Guard: Need to shoot better, watch the teammate with the ball, find a open space without any people beside you, quickly after get the ball shoot the ball if you can.
Need to know how to play defense and offense, so we can play better and try to not make too many falls to other players. Need to exercise everyday and practice everyday, and practice to shoot hoops everyday, so the skill will increase.
For point guard: Need to handle the ball, don’t let the other team get the ball from you, need to know where are the teammates, and pass the teammates that is open without any people beside him.
He uses agility, strength, he practice and exercise everyday, be fit, and he became the fittest person in NBA. He was tall and have a good skill, so he can become the NBA players.

Compare the first top ten player and the last top ten player player in NBA:

Kobe Bryant(First To Ten): Kobe Bryant is the first top ten players, he was in Lakers team.
Rajon Rondo(Last Top Ten): Rajon Rondo is the last top ten player, he was in Celtics team.
Rajon Rondo: He win Dwayne Wade in basketball game, and then he win Cleveland in 2nd round. Then, Rondo bring their team to play at finals. Every time if he had good game, they lost, but if they have great game, they won. He has a tenacious defense and his driving ability.
Kobe Bryant: He always was the top ten player all the time, but Lebron will be able to beat Kobe Bryant in one-on-one. If Kobe Bryant have the worst shooting performance, he will grabbed 15 rebounds and played the most best defense. Kobe Bryant desire and abilty makes him the best player in NBA.

Explain why the basketball player is very good at it:

To play basketball they need to be fit, because in basketball they need to play a good defense and offense. They can shoot very well, because shooting is the one will give score and they can rebound the ball if it was not in and they shoot it. For defense they always use the hands, by put the hands up, for offense need they dribble well. Basketball is all about running, shooting, passing, and catching.


Monday, May 9, 2011

What Happen Next?

I think the thing that will happen is Max will scream as loud as he can and punch his dad, then, Grim and Gram will come, but his dad already gone. Next morning, Max tell the thing that happen last night to Grim and Gram, they think for a long time abut who will the guy that last night come be. At last, Max said, " Maybe is dad he's coming home, maybe he already get out from the jail." Grim and Gram still thinking, they think it was make sense, too. So, they think it was Max father.